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Created, owned and operated by its members, the Society of Urologic Oncology Clinical Trials Consortium (SUO-CTC) is a clinical research investigator network. The Consortium is a national alliance of leading academic and community based uro-oncologists committed to furthering urology research in the United States including pharmaceutical trials. The SUO-CTC is a not-for-profit corporation and has a cooperative relationship with the Society of Urologic Oncology.

SUO-CTC pursues clinical trials in concert with the pharmaceutical industry to find medicines and cures to tackle urological disorders including, but not restricted to:

  • Bladder Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Renal Cancer

Together with industry, the SUO-CTC offers enhanced research options for ultimately delivering better quality of life.

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Membership Corner

Choose from Active, Associate or Senior membership to support the consortium goals and objectives that are:

  • To encourage and coordinate clinical research in urologic oncology by formulating and performing clinical trials involving therapeutic, diagnostic or prognostic procedures.
  • To support studies of tumor biology in urologic oncology.
  • To cooperate and liaise with other organizations interested in urologic oncology.
  • To improve the care of patients with urologic concerns.
  • To advance knowledge and improve the standards of education and practice of urologic oncology.

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Our Services

Our overarching objective is to improve the implementation and conduct of multi-institutional trials. The Consortium assists doctors and hospitals conducting clinical trials with expedited concept and protocol review, standardized protocol and contract language, and centralized data management to help test needed therapies more rapidly.

Sponsors interested in utilizing the services of the Consortium can contact the Administrative Officers or e-mail

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The SUO-CTC directs revenues generated from Sponsor Agreements to fund the collective academic, research, corporate and administrative objectives of the Consortium. In return the SUO-CTC offers a variety of value-added services which are of shared benefit to the uro-oncology community, pharmaceutical industry both locally and abroad.

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Sponsor Benefits

Personalized attention is what you will receive when working with SUO-CTC. Our team is accessible, immediately responsive and flexible. We are your strategic partner.

The SUO-CTC creates value by providing a uro-oncolgic specific focus and concentration of expertise. Additionally, sponsor benefits of working with the Consortium include:

  • Facilitating rapid accrual to clinical trials
  • Centralized negotiations, study budgets & site selection
  • Expert Investigators with patient populations
  • Fast track Communications

Our members work in neighborhood clinics, community hospitals, large urology group practices, academic medical centers, correctional systems, jails, and health maintenance organizations. We bring our sponsors expert investigators with the patient populations they need.

Sponsors interested in conducting a trial or any other service of Consortium can e-mail